The premier of Game Of Thrones Season 5 met with a lot of hustle and bustle in our house. Firstly the news of the leak left me and my boyfriend panicked. We have been looking forward to the new season for over seven months( the ones who have waited longer, I totally understand the frustration). Furthermore, people texting from everywhere how “they” have downloaded it. Worse having someone close download it (which later was a lie). Anyway without drifting away from the episode, GOT S5 E1 was a rather slow but sturdy start. The audience was given time to catch up and get into the whole storyline again. There wasn’t an influx of characters to confuse us neither plot twists which it is so popular for. It was altogether one of those connecting episodes betrween two rather drama filled episodes. Although some might disagree, I felt it was better this way. The first episode had the right amount of excitement and pace.

Apart from nothing much happeneing in the first episode, waking up at 6 in the morning on a Monday was a task in itself so CHEERS! to all those who were up! We have definitely proved how big a fan we are.

Nothing blew my head this week, hopefully next week!


The World Looks Scary From Where I Stand!

Deciding to be an independent girl is very scary. From the day I decided to not take money from my dad, I have been having sleepless nights. Is this how it feels to finally be on your own and survive?

I realize now the genius behind the”school life is golden life” line. It really was and many men have yearned for the good old days to come back to them and I have joined them too. I wish I was back at home with no worries just homework, when cooking and cleaning was a result of inspiration. Life is different now. It looks like a colossal, jumbled and confusing piece of puzzle. The answer is not yet determined. The only way to solve it is to move ahead and go on. Some find the answers, some don’t but the clock keeps ticking and the earth keeps rotating.

Find a path you like, love and need.