Is Work and Climate Interrelated??

As the hottest month of the year has moved to its final week, Delhi as we know has turned into one hot, oven!! Noooo…not that warm, cuddly smell of cookies kind but the sweating, freaking and water dripping kind where no amount of water intake is going to make the heat tolerable…. forget disappear. As the weirdest couple who still hasn’t gotten around to getting an AC (Air Conditioner),  sleeping last night was a challenge in itself. I swear I was literally counting the minutes until I could get up and go to work. I was actually looking forward to work!!!

Now that says something, doesn’t it? Anyhoo, I was pumped up to come to work and well…work.

Lunch time was here and as I was on my way back from home, hurrying back to the chilly embrace of the Air Con at the office. Suddenly (wait for it)<Killing suspense slowly> in an interesting yet totally unexpected turn of events, the heat sobered up. It was suddenly very windy albeit dusty and dry but still something was moving!! The sun hid behind  the vast clouds that were moving slowly but steadily towards me. The shadow grew nearer my feet and at last some I had found some relief!!

Phew…. Thank you Lord Almighty, Whoever Wherever You Are!!

My sweat dried up faster than my immense desire to go back to work. I suddenly felt a deep impulse to go back home and sleep!! I didn’t want to work no more, I wanted to sleep and enjoy the weather (DON’T EVEN THINK IT!!).

Well THAT wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Was it God? Please tell me!!

Well it wasn’t. :I

Why was it so difficult to get what we want? Cruel World… Cruel Times!!

So here I am, writing off my miserable fate on a wonderful day, breathing in the artificial air <rolls eyes>, while somewhere (2meters away) outside, people are enjoying the fresh air, the swaying of the trees and the splatter of light rain on their faces.

Yes I am in my office with a pile of magazines for research and a packet of biscuits(the one with all the calories) for company!!


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