Sleepless nights are dreadful

Well…the whole pointnof working hard is falling asleep the moment you hit the bed..strangely or maybe as expected…it doesn’t work for me. I am the kind who no matter how tired I am…can’t just fall asleep. It takes me a good 20 mins to finally doze off. Those few moments are crucial. They decide the fate of my night. They decide if I will be getting the 7 hours of sleep I need to function correctly the next day.
Turns out today, the moment was not with me. I am lying down waiting to fall asleep. Twisting and turning. Taking a few showers. Trying to read a book. Nope…sleep is far far away. I can sense it. Far away.
As the minutes tick by, I get anxious about my day tomorrow and how I will be able to manage without sleep.  Well that doesn’t help at all. (Note to self: Anxiousness leads to panic and panic to sleepless night!!)
Its exactly 3:43 am and now I am thinking about the ghost from “Conjuring”.
Oh my god!! Now…”Emily Rose” “Grudge” “Shutter” ok…shit…I have got to stop…. (it ain’t helping!!)
Major panic now!!!!!!
I blame myself…and myself only…if only I had made sure the 20 mins after hitting the bed I had realxed instead of stalking up people in Instagram….damn you!!
Okay…thats it…got to stop writing now…writing isn’t helping either.
Good night folks!! (Lucky ones!!)


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