Recently, work has been very demanding with our Features Desk Head not being able to come to work, the responsibility falling in our minute shoulders.

When I was in college, my father always used to share his anxiousness over the little time that we have in our hands. He would keep telling me how 24 hours in a day doesn’t seem enough for the all the things that he wants to do? I always took it very lightly, I mean, I was in college; 24 hours was a lot of time. There were times when I had too much time to sleep too. I never understood what he meant by it. I never bothered to.

In the last few months, there have been times when I have wanted to call him up and tell him the exact same thing. Funny how life changes. Hours pass by like weeks and weeks like months. Sometimes there are days when I don’t even hear my own thoughts. The voice that you imagine you hear when talking or thinking to yourself? Do you have it? Or is it just me?

This is the part that freaks me out, that makes me slow down and re-evaluate my days and try and re-structure it. But a few days on, and I feel like I am falling into the same rut again!

So basically, its goes something like this- Shock, Fear, Re-think, Re-evaluate and then Re-try!




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